Strengthen Your Body And Mind At Gotham Pilates

Increase Body And Mind Awareness!
Live An Active Balanced Life!

Gotham Pilates helps you become more aligned in body and mind!

Heightened body awareness is the first step toward making positive physical changes. When we realize we hold onto negative habitual movement patterns, a new play book can be scripted and muscle re-education can begin. Through muscular re-education you will feel more aligned and have increased energy. This combination results in happy body and mind. You will then excel physically with a positive mind set!
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Gotham Pilates helps you keep your muscular and skeletal system strong!


Hips, knees, or back feeling cranky?  Joint stiffness and discomfort can happen at any age. The reality is that the more active you are, the more TLC  your body needs. Laura Sepulveda, founder of Gotham Pilates, has strategically designed effective programs for muscular and skeletal well being. Having had a total hip arthroplasty in December 2016, Laura has first-hand experience in this journey. (Laura started dance at a young age hence the need for a hip replacement!) She specializes and is passionate about working with clients pre-post-op hip replacements.
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Gotham Pilates helps you strengthen your resiliency muscle!


Life is like the stock market, and, "past performance is no guarantee of future results." Therefore, we must continuously recalculate our "life portfolio." Expect the unexpected. Laura educates and empowers her clients to rely on movement, music, meditation, and writing to guide them through the most arduous times. At Gotham Pilates, an effective customized program will help connect your mind, body and spirit. You will gain the tools you need to consistently live an active balanced life!
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